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Child and Parent Support Team


Our Child and Parent Support Manager is Mrs. Sarah Morris.


As the Child and Parent Support Manager my role is to champion the needs of children who may be facing barriers to effective learning, both inside and outside the school. I work with pupils, teachers, parents, carers, families, schools and other agencies, to help construct a flexible and responsive support network.

My aims include:

· Identifying particular difficulties and seeking solutions

· Setting realistic targets, in order to encourage pupils to re-engage in effective learning

· Raising achievements

· Raising aspirations

. Building self-esteem and confidence

. Helping children to be able to build meaningful and long lasting friendships and relationships

Areas within school that I particularly focus on include :

· self esteem and confidence building

· Gross Motor skills development

· social skills

· Anger management

· Motivation

· child/parent relationships

As Child and Parent Support Manager I negotiate and plan a support programme with the pupil and go on to develop a one-to-one mentoring relationship, aimed at sharing information and helping them to achieve their targets.

Personal / social skills and positive attitudes to learning are developed using a wide range of strategies.

Undertaking activities to support the development of a healthy school and community environment including:

· Organising the School Council

· Organising playground resources and being on the playground every lunchtime to support those children who find it a difficult time.

· Liasing with Miss Toner (our Child and Parent Support Officer)  to create a supportive environment for parents .

· Supporting pupils through transition to High School.

· 1to1 sessions for children in need, covering a whole range of issues.

· Organising and running the Mechanics group focused on gross motor skills

· Organising and running workshops with guests presenting assemblies and organising fun events.


 The value of positive and active involvement by parents cannot be overstated. Talk to your child about their targets and general progress and please do contact me if you have any questions.

In most cases, the staff in school will identify pupils who need support, but, if you as a parent/carer have concerns please do not hesitate to contact me,
I may be able to help and am here to support you as a family with any concerns you may have.


Latest School Council Minutes

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Chaps Officer (Parental Involvement)

What’s it all about?


As Parental Involvement Worker here at Laycock, my role is to act as support for all parents and family members to help you understand and feel part of school life.


We want you to feel supported so that in turn you can support your children to enjoy and get the most out of school. We want you to feel welcome at LAYCOCK, to give you opportunities to get involved in events and activities and to feel that you have all the information you need to support your child.


As a parent, you can make an enormous difference to your child's chances of success in school, at home and in their later life. Working in partnership with your child's school can help them to succeed.

Events will be advertised via the school calender and copies of newsletters can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


“The best way to make children good is to make them happy”

Oscar Wilde

Many parents are unsure about how they can help their child learn. They really shouldn't worry– one of the best ways to support a child’s development is to have fun with them.

Learning doesn't have to be hard work. In fact there’s evidence to suggest that the greater range of activities the children get involved in, the better their behavior and social skills. For younger children, these activities could include;

Painting and drawing
Model making with boxes
Den building around the house
Reading story books
Playing with friends
Singing songs and nursery rhymes

For older children, activities might include;

Taking part in sports events
Visiting places of interest
Getting involved with after school clubs
Going to plays and concerts

Nicki Toner

Chaps Officer (Parental Involvement Worker)

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