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Spellings and Home Learning

Spelling Practice 

The following two lists show the high frequency words the children need to know by the end of Year 4:

The First 100 high-frequency Spellings

The Next 200 high-frequency Spellings

Home learning arrangements:

Home Learning

Please refer to our our new Home Learning Diary

Why is home learning important?
The focus of home learning in Laycock Primary School is on the important skills of English, to include writing, spelling and reading with parents / carers, and Maths, to include the practice and acquisition of key number bonds and multiplication tables.  Home learning is expected to be appropriate for the age group and abilities of the pupils.  It is expected to extend school experiences as well as to consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding.

A whole school talk activity is also given to all children every Thursday for discussion as a family and is followed up in class every Friday morning.